2 Films 2017

Film can mediate our perception of Nature, altering the perception of both. The relationship between the two serves as a threshold into and out of real time. The object/furniture in the room is a grounding place for the visitor and offers a third configuration for this interaction

Film #1 Peacock. The scene is a pine-forest with a dense fog filling the cavity between the trees. The camera is stationary as 3 white peacocks emerge from the fog and amble into and out of the picture frame in a continuous loop. The film is projected onto the wall encircled by a frame, reminiscent of a 19thc landscape painting. In the room is a chaise lounge, it contains a lizard, though living, it barely moves.

Film #2 Cactus The scene is a cactus desert in the early morning. The camera is stationary and shows the desert slowly coming to life. The sound of the desert gradually gets louder filling the void of the room as the film loops continuously ascending and descending in pitch. In the room, as an accompaniment to the film, is a desk. It is made of cork and contains cactus from the desert, similar to the ones seen in the film, though miniature.